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What To Watch For At Minicamp ~ Cimini


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What to watch at Jets' mandatory minicamp

June 8, 2009

A long and eventful offseason, which started with Eric Mangini's firing and included the Rex Ryan hiring, the Brett Favre retirement (ha!), a flurry of free-agent activity and the drafting of Mark Sanchez, will conclude this week with a three-day, full-squad minicamp in Flo P. This is a mandatory minicamp, which means every player under contract (plus rookies) is required to attend or be fined roughly $8,000 per day. There will be five non-contact practices, with each session expected to last approximately 1 hour, 45 minutes.

Throwing a bone to their New Jersey fans (all fans, really) - the folks who feel they're getting screwed by the training-camp exodus to Cortland - the Jets are making the entire minicamp open to the public. That's a rare deal in the secretive NFL. It's a good PR move by the Jets, but there's nothing preventing a Bill Belichick or Bill Parcells minion from watching the practices and taking notes.

Advice to fans: Leave early (Florham Park is further than you think) and make sure you have a roster handy. Also know this: If a practice is moved into the fieldhouse because of weather, the practice will be closed to the public. Right now, the forecast looks iffy.

Whether it's inside or outside, here's what I'll be watching:

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it's a bad thing, not a good thing.

2 reasons:

1) This organization drafted Sanchez and traded up to do so. They want him to play.

2) We know what Clemens is, and we do not want it. Deer in the headlights look here we come!

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1) Why does being ahead in early June of Sanchez's first season mean anything for Clemens vs Sanchez? Can anybody rooting for Sanchez seriously tell me its time to push the panic button? Can anybody rooting for Clemens seriously claim victory at this point?

2) Notice how Cimini put in a little jab: Will O.C. Brian Schottenheimer scale back his offense to make it Sanchez-friendly? Believe me, some players are wondering that. Knowing Cimini, I'd love to know who some of these players are? From everything that I've read, they've thrown the kitchen sink at Sanchez and have promised to not scale back the playbook for anybody.

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Rich has the sharp edge out for Sanchez it seems considering Clemens has not proven anything either yet in his career-double standard?

Cimini has long been dreaming of the day the Jets would draft a QB high in the first round he could mock nonsensically before the kid even has a chance to do anything.

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