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Uh Oh I May Just Have To Eat My Fedora Yet...Hodges back


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Jets Sign A New Punter, Cut One.

Posted by A. Greenbaum On June - 10 - 2009

New Jets punter Eric Wilbur got the axe yesterday due to a lack of solid kicking in practice. Who is going to be out punter? None other than Mr. Reggie Hodges is back.

Hodges had a total of 44 punts last year with an average punt of 42.8 yards.

The Jets have gone through a few punters over the last couple years and we may even see another one or two guys, so this may not be the end.

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Can we get someone with a strong leg for once? Field position is so important to winning games-make the other team drive 80 yards sometimes.

I actually though Ben Graham was our MVP his first year here-you know when we won 4 friggin games

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