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Jets Mini Camp 2009 - Day 2


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Maybe I should have called this thread "Mark Sanchez Camp 2009 - Day 2", because again the fans were there to see Sanchez for the most part. Of course there were hecklers when he threw an INT and Kris Jenkins was fiercely busting his chops at one point. No on ever said that being a #1 pick, who posed in GQ before he even stepped out onto an NFL field, would be easy kid.

I was told by a stadium worker that the mornings practice session was insane. All 3 parking lots were filled and close to, if not more than 800 people were there. For there 2nd practice, I'd say there were about half that many people there.

It was Clemens/Sanchez Round 2 of mini camp. Even though they both looked decent, with Sanchez holding onto the ball too long and throwing 2 INTs and Clemens again throwing to where no one was, Eric Ainge outperformed both of them by throwing 0 INTs and completing all of his passes with the exception of the passes that were dropped.

All in all everyone, including the players, had a a fun day. The bloodmobile was even there and the first 50 people who donated received free tickets to a game.

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