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Okay, okay, it finally happened...


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I don't even think that Sanchez speaks Spanish. You guys do realize he is a 3rd generation American, right? I mean come on with the yo quiero taco bell crap already

You do realize that he embraced his Mexican heritage by having the Mexican flag colors on his mouth guard at USC right?


Describing the mouth guard as "sweet" and "cool," Sanchez went on to explain that using it was a "a portrayal of my love for my race" and hoped that his fashion flair "inspires" young Latinos who follow USC to do what he does: quarterback while Mexican.
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There, I Sanchezified myself thanks to a buddy of mine from ThePhins who made me the signature I have below. :Typotux:

Good luck Mark!

i was thinking i could take up a collection and order a Cindy Brady authentic for the pats newest fan

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