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SJ Reviews: 'The Brothers Bloom'..Thinking mans Con Game Yarn (3)


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The Brothers Bloom is part drama, part comedy and a big part ConGame flick.

I love the flicks that deal with con games and switcheroos, the mark, the sting etc.

Remakes of classics are always tough.

This is a very sylishly filmed tale of 2 ophans who have made thier way in the world by becoming the most renowned con team there is.

We see them finishing up a con early in flick. We learn very fast that one of brothers is disenchanted with the 'pretend' that is thier life and wants more.

What ensues ultimately is a 'last' con of a wealthy lonely multimillionaire single girl, Weisz). A round the globe con ensues as the audience is always wondering whjat is real and what isnt. The films appeal is that many times we are wondering if what we are seeing is reality or con.

This is very much a film noir-ish type flick in its approach, film style and mood. It might not be for everyone ads its very subdues and slow in its story telling. Its not The Sting.

The cast is Indie film heaven with Rachel Weisz, Adrien Brody, Mark Ruffalo, Rinko Kikuchi, and Robbie Coltrane doing great jobs.

This is a Indpeendent film and will be seen at your local Art House or Independent theater. Tonight, the very large theater was packed.

3 stars_002.gif's

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