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Binge drinking in college on the rise.


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If they would lower the legal age to 18 then this number would go down

doubt it.

College kids will still binge drink no matter what.

I blame the parents. There are more kids these days with no morals. More kids are drinking than ever because they dont know what consequences are. More are willing to commit risky behaviors because nobody ever told them no.

I say throw them all in jail for a year if you get caught drinking and driving. You kill someone send them away for 20 years. that is real consequence.

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i know I did when I got these surveys in college. i said I drank a lot more than I really did.

Me too, someones gotta balance it all out.

The best is those surveys don't even go high enough. It would be like;

How many drinks a week do you consume?





The question should be how many a Night. Followed up by how many days a week you drink.

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