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JN Mafia: AOL Game Sign-Up


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17 spots available... Along with your sign-up, please say 'alts' or 'no alts' and majority will rule.

As I said, and I'm not lying this time. This game will be incredibly basic. There will be no surprises.

1. Doggin94it (Alts)

2. JiF

3. Crusher (Alts)

4. Irish Jet (Alts)

5. CTM (Alts)

6. Pac

7. Bleedin' Green (No)

8. Norway (Alts)

9. Woody (Alts)

10. Sharrow (Alts)

11. slats (Alts)

12. AVM (No Alts)

13. SMC (Alts)

14. JVOR

15. Barmacal

16. Vicious89x

17. PS17

In + alt selection.

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Bit off-topic but do JN Mods not have a huge advantage in this game when they play? They're able to tell who is invisible and are also able to match up alts.

I dunno if any have even played recently but I'm just saying.

That's why I want alts. Or at the very least I'll play under my brother's screen name. Ever since I became the POTW guy I can tell who's invisible and not, add tags to all threads, and that's it. Either way I can't match up alts because I don't know you're IPs.

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How could I say no to this? He is just so damn cute. Isnt he just adorable? My muffin top.

Be honest fellas, you are jealous.

Who's the women in this little relationship? Maybe a poll is needed.

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Can someone explain to me how these mafia games work?

There are a certain # of players... Inside that group of players, there is a small group of 'bad guys' or Mafia... Those guys know who each other are and work together to eliminate the other players.

Each day cycle of the game, the group votes to eliminate one player. The good guys hope to eliminate a bad guy and the bad guys hope to eliminate good guys. Once someone is eliminated, their alignment is revealed. It becomes night.

At night, the bad guys can eliminate one player, and it becomes day again, and the voting goes on.

There are some additional good guy roles like cop, who can submit a name at night, and find out if that player is innocent or guilty. There is often a doctor who can submit a name at night and protect that player from a kill.

The game ends when the mafia are eliminated, or the # of bad guys = the number of good guys.

Many games have a lot of other roles, but this game will be very close to that format. This is a great game for a beginner because it is very simple.

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I'll PM you the passwords for the alts - you can PM them to everyone, have them reset and PM you the new passwords, then let me know what the new passwords are (before or after the game)

Sounds good. We're one vote away from a majority on alts, so it looks like it'll probably go that route.

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True... I just found the logging in and out crap really f'n annoying. That is my only motiviation to vote no. :P

Maybe this will help, maybe not, but what i did was just leave FireFox logged in under the main account, and logged under the alt on IE

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