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SJ Reviews: 'The Proposal'..Light ,entertaining romantic comedy..fun (3)


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The Proposal is the latest Romantic Comedy mainstream flick. Romantic comedies are usually Box Office gold as they will not be mega hits, but will make thier money and then some almost guaranteed.

People seem to like Romatic comedies, and I am one of them. There are several reasons. You know you will have ahappy ending, there will be funny lines and you know your spouse/date will enjoy. Lets face it. We ask them to go to endless CGI and chase flicks, its only fair to let them have thier way once in awhile (Dont be a Guido, and dont just say 'you go with girls. Go with them, it wont kill you).

To The Proposal.

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are the 2 stars, with great help from Betty White, Mary Steenburgen and Craig T Nelson.

Cant give too much away as spoilers.

But basically, Bullock is a balls to walls she-demon Publishing boss in NYC with Reynolds her main assitant. She treats him like dog-shiit and he basically just takes it. He has been her assistant for 3 years waiting a promotion to Editor. She has zero emotions and tolerates no one using family time as a excuse.

Enter US IRS (she is Canadian) who say she has failed to do paperwork and flew illegally out of country months before. She will be immediately told to leave country for minimum a year and her bosses say she will have to lose her mega job.

Voila, she comes up with idea that she will be engaged and will marry Reynolds, to stay in US.

To prove to IRS, she has to fly to his Alaska home for weekend to announce to his family the news. This is where movie basically starts.

OK, far fetched, but funny, entertaining, and as always a nice happy ending. There could be worse things in life. Take your gal and Have fun. You will still be manly after its over. ;)

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