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The Mets Suck!

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thats why Omar needs to be fired. The team wasnt ready to handle injuries. The minors are barren. And the regular players we did have in the majors have stunk like Staten Island in the summer. He had the opportunity to stock pile players at every position just in case... instead we have backups nobody else wants. Omar had a terrible plan for this season... and deserves to be fired.

The Mets not only suck, but that line-up is non competitive right now. There really isn't any talent to speak of on the top level of their farm system. It's sad, but when you lose the guys they have, there is no manager in the world or GM in the world that can fix this. Reyes, Beltran, Delgado; you are talking about 3 all stars right there. Which team can sustain that. It would be dumb and impulsive to pull off a trade to try to put a band aid on a sawed-off limb IMO.

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