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Sanchez prefers brunettes

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You make it sound like Avery can't get chicks for his life...ever heard of Elisha Cuthbert? If he can get her, he must be pretty damn high on that "babe food pyramid."

Either way, I think he'll be a bust.

1) I didn't write it (wish I did though ;) ) and 2) it's supposed to be funny, Baby Einstein....yeesh!

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By now Mark Sanchez must have set some kind of NFL record for Quickest Draft Bust. The Jets drafted him barely two months ago, and he’s already alienated his teammates by doing a ridiculously metrosexual photo shoot for GQ, misfiring on all his throws at minicamp and now he’s lost his girlfriend to the most universally despised man in the NHL. I mean, this is just unheard of in the annals of football. QBs, particularly those in major media markets, belong at the top of the babe food pyramid. And they have no business losing out to guys in niche sports. This would be like Mathew Stafford losing a chick to some Detroit lacrosse player. There’s no way you can lead a team when the guys in your huddle have seen you degraded like this. This kid’s career is over before it even began. “Mark Sanchez” must be Spanish for “Ryan Leaf.”

so you are saying he should have a kid out of wedlock with his ex girlfriend to improve his character?

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So Mark Sanchez is a bust because he did a fairy nice photo shoot and got dumped by a serial rental sports groupie? Man oh man, somebody got full blast on the revenge rocket for years and years of gay and metrosexual comments about her darling QB. Go on girl, do your thing.

I just hope the half a sissy can win us a freaking superbowl. I would then personally do a photo shoot with him for Field and Stream or something a little more practical than

GQ. I might even date him after wards.

Look at Sean Avery taking Mark Sanchez' sloppy seconds!

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