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What are the great things about Summer.


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There is nothing good about summer except there is no school in session, and even then the little ****s shouldn't be allowed to come into a sporting goods store and destroy everything in their paths because their parents arn't strict enough. :Typotux:

Can't wait for another 2 months of sweat, sweat and more sweat.

Yay, so much fun.

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The good: 1. wife and her friends wear less and drink more

2. you don't need a reason to drink or barbecue

3. everyone else sweats alot in the summer too

The bad 1. 5 kids in paid summer camps and daycare

2. my speedo is missing again (while Im still wearing it)

3. my next door neighbor wants to say hi to me and talk all the time

The indifferent 1. Schools out, I don;t care not in school

2. Sunscreen, I don;t care, Im Italian

3. My abs are not quite defined yet, I don;t care I have a keg.

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