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On a rotating basis every three years the Jets (along with the rest of the AFCE) plays an entire AFC div. This year it is the AFCS last year it was the AFCW.

Each team also plays one game of the other afc divs based on prior year record. 1st place in div plays 1st place in div, etc.

This year the Jets are playing the Titans because the Titans are in the AFCS, last year it was because in 2007 both teams came in 3rd in the div. Last year Jets played Oakland because Jets played the entire AFCW, this year it is because both teams came in 3rd last year.

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2000-2009 we will have faced Tennessee 5 times.

2009 (H)

2008 (A)

2007 (A)

2006 (A)

2003 (H)

Really, it isn't that much at all. But as GWAGH explained, we play each Division 1 out of every 3 years and at least one time from each Division (AFC only of course) every single season. It just so happens that in the two previous years the Titans had the exact same standing as us at the end of the season. This year we just play the AFC South.

Its Oakland who we've played most, outside of the AFC East opponents, this decade.

2009 (A)

2008 (A)

2006 (H)

2005 (H)

2003 (A)

2002 (A)

2001 Playoffs (A)

2001 (A)

2000 (A)

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assuming the nfl decides to keep the same pattern (which also assumes we stick with 16 games and not increase to 17 or 18)

you can see the schedules for the future here http://www.johnnyroadtrip.com/schedules/nfl_future_afce.htm

if this keeps up...if the Jets play Oakland in 2010, it will be in Oakland.

2011 Jets will host Oakland. In 2012 & 2013 if Jets play Oakland it will be in NJ.

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The reason for Oakland? Well 4th place teams always play other 4th place teams. :D

The 2000-2003 Oakland games were because both those teams continusly were either in 1st or 2nd place.

2005 and 2008 was because we faced the AFC West and this year is because of 3rd place.

Good failure. ;)

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