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SJ Reviews: 'Whatever Works'..Relaxing, somewhat amusing Woody Allen flick (2 1/2)

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'Whatever Works ' is Allens latest NYC themed tale of a schmuck who pontificates about all matters. Its in Indpendent theaters, and its not new ground for Allen so you see many things coming at you.

I somewhat like Allens sarcastic morose view of the world as it allows some funny lines. Larry David is OK in the role although he sucks as a actor. They get over this by allowing him to tallk to audience therby making him more 'common man'.

Basic premise: David crusty old divorced ex Colombia Prof ghets thrown together with young hick 20 year old hick. Her Mom comes along soon as does her Dad. Al lare aghast thier beautiful daughter is witrh this nerotic old fart.

There are some geniuinelly funny scenes, and if yo uare a Allen or David fan like I am this will more than suffice. It was 3 stars to me, but thats is thru very roise colored glasses. I think those not into Allen or David wil lfind this flick slow and pointless.

But I liked it OK..

2 1/2 stars_002.gif's

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