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Need to find the name of an actor

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Henry Gibson.

Sure Signs Of Deviant Homosexuality: .... 13. Watches films on the Lifetime Movie Network 14. Intimate and immediate awareness of the ouvre of actor Ryan Phillipe. 15. Enjoys penis in the

I think you are thinking of Ron Jeremy.

Good clues but the guy isn't in his 50's. Definitely is in his late 30's at the oldest.

hint Max..If movie filmed in early 90s you have to add a bunch of years to age guy was in movie.. :confused:

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i dont know if these guys are the actors, but they are totally HOT! sizzling! ::wub


We are very happy together..

He is somewhat messy, but I love cleaning up after him.....

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glad to see you finally found your guy, i know youve been losing sleep over this since july.

This has been bothering me. I couldn't remember why I was looking for him.

When I found him it was awkward. He was all like my family is sleeping, why do you keep calling here? At first I didn't know what to say...

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