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Sean Peyton: Jets Surprise to Make Playoffs

Boynton Beach Jets

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If I had to choose one non-playoff team from last season that has a chance to make it into the 2009 postseason it would be the New York Jets. I think Rex Ryan will do a great job of creating a culture that lends itself to winning. I also love Mark Sanchez as a young quarterback prospect


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When the Jets make the playoffs here in 2009, I won't be surprised one bit because I know the type of talent this team has. Top O-Line, 3-Headed-Monster rushing attack, elite pass catching TE talent, a #1 WR in Cotchery who has the talent, potential and ability to make plays as a #1 WR, Stuckey showed alot of hope and promise last year and our Defense is full of nothing but proven talent along with young potential and now we have Rex Ryan? One of the greatest 3-4 Defensive minds in all of football running the show for the Defensive side of the ball? Get ready for Rex Ryan to send the pressure, heat, rush, blitz, attack from all different types of angles...

And just about every Jet fan talks about "No Experience" @ the QB position. Will Sanchez make mistakes? Hell yeah, but still...He's one hell of a talent and it's just great to see a coach in Peyton (Who has a top QB of his own) making comments such as "He's in love with Mark Sanchez".

THis Jets team will be pretty damn good and all the Jet fans who cant "See it", will see it once the season starts. 11-5/12-4 type of season

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After getting my heart ripped out last year with our last 5 game collapse I can't wait to make the playoffs this year. It won't be easy with our schedule and a rookie QB but that will just make it all the sweeter.

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If the Jets can control the clock, run the ball, and actually make stops 3rd downs...no reason why they cant.


Last year, 7 of the top 9 teams that led the league in rushing attempts, also ranked top 10 in Defense.

Not only were alot of those teams protecting their rookie/inexperienced QB's with a strong rushing attack (Patriots, Ravens, Falcons and Vikings, but they were also protecting their Defense and keeping those Defensive players fresh and ready to make impact plays during the 4th Quarters of games- All because of a grind it out, move the chains, pick up the tough 1st down, eat up the clock style of Offensive attack.

The Ravens, Falcons, Vikings, Patriots, Titans, Panthers, Giants, Redskins and Steelers all ranked top 9 in rushing attempts last year.

The Steelers, Ravens, Redskins, Giants, Vikings, Titans and Patriots all ranked top 10 in total Defense. The only two teams that ranked top 9 in rushing attempts, that failed to have a top 10 overall Defense were the Panthers and Falcons and honestly, it's because those teams lacked the overall type of Defensive talent on the Defensive side of the ball.

Out of the top 9 teams that led the league in rushing attempts... 6 of those teams actually made the playoffs...The Ravens, Falcons, Vikings, Titans, Panthers and Giants all made the playoffs, all ranked top 9 in rushing attempts and lets not forget...The Patriots missed the playoffs with a great record of 11-5 last year.

Not all of those teams had an "Elite"..."Brett Favre" type of QB either. Only the Steelers and Giants had proven veteran talents as their Starting QB's with Big Ben of the Steelers along with Eli Manning of the Giants. Throw in Jake D of the Panthers as a solid veteran leader, but he has an arm almost as weak as Chad Pennington.

The Ravens had a game manager rookie QB in Joe Flacco

The Falcons had a really talented rookie QB in Matt Ryan

The Vikings had a 2nd year Starter in Jackson who's less than average.

The Titans had Kerry Colins, a below average talent...Just a game manager.

The Patriots had a 1st year starter in Matt Cassell who NEVER played a college down. 11-5

And Jerricho Cotchery is just as good if not better than alot of those teams #1 WR's such as the Ravens (Mason), Titans (Gage), Falcons (White), Giants (After the loss of Burress), and Vikings (Berrian). You know what almost ALL of those teams lacked, what the Jets have here in 2009? An elite pass catching talent @ the TE position-Welcome Dustin Keller.

Like I've been saying.... A talented QB who can "Manage the game", a #1 WR who can "Make the tough catch", a solid O-Line, a strong rushing attack, a TE who can give opposing D's nightmares along with a Talented Defense can ALWAYS be more than just enough to make the playoffs.

The Jets have a STRONG chance of making the playoffs here in 2009.

The addition of Shonn Greene is going to help this rushing attack in soooo many different types of ways this year. Power-Back, Red-Zone type of back, Short Yardage type of big body, a Goal-Line type of "War Machine"...This man is going to help us in so many ways this year on the offensive side of the ball.

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