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Pair of Row One Sideline Season Tickets For Sale

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Row One Sideline Jets Tickets for Sale


I have Row One Section 228, near Section 229 Mezz tickets for sale with Parking. They are for sale for face value. I am the season ticket holder and due to newborn can't make it to enough games to justify.

Mezz front row has extra leg room and an unobstructed view of field. The Mezz only has 11 rows and the shortest bathroom and concession lines.

The view is super good, lots of people think row one sideline is the best row in house to view a game, well that should be the subject of a thread.

Well anyhow contact me if you are interested. I work in NYC downtown and live in LI, I can meet in person with tickets and have no problem with providing any proof of tickets such as invoice or contacting jets. I will have tickets in hand in a week or two when Jets mail them out.

Go Jets!!!

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