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Key West to go Nude


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Key West Commission Wants Referendum On Nude Beach


Jorge Estevez

Group Wants To Do Key West Beach In The Buff


A second nude beach is one step closer to coming to South Florida. Tuesday night commissioners in Key West voted 4 to 2 to allow the nude beach initiative to go to a public vote. It was the first step in having people vote on the issue in the fall.

At the commission meeting almost a dozen advocates of the measure took their three minutes to persuade the lawmakers to just pass the measure without a public vote.

"Give us a chance for one year, because it is going to work out," said one citizen who took the microphone.

Creating a clothing optional beach was a passionate issue that was debated by the people and the commissioners themselves. "Over the past week, I have had three friends lose jobs, which I haven't seen happen here," said one voter who also defended passing the ordinance.

Job losses are occurring in Key West due to a falling tourism economy, and people feel a nude beach will not only make some locals happy, but also draws a type of tourist which now spends their cash elsewhere.

So it's a mixed victory for naturists, who left disappointed because while the commission voted 4 to 2 to send it to a referendum, advocates wanted the commissioners to just pass the item. Instead they have to educate 20,000 voters on the matter.

"We believe we can win a referendum, but it is going to take a lot of money, a lot of effort and a lot of time," said Alan Leigh.

Naturists who attended the meeting felt as though commissioners should have approved the plan themselves. "When the city adopted a dog park, they didn't put that to a referendum, when they built a Bacci Court, they did not put that to a referendum, but when we want a beach, they want to go to referendum," said Leigh.

A naturist destination brings in cash. The nudist area at Haullover Beach in Miami-Dade County brings in millions of dollars, which during a tough economy can help, but mostly naturists want a legit space down in Key West.

"If you don't have a designated area, we can't police it and take care of it. We don't want that," said Tracy Leigh.

After the second reading, the Nude Beach Ordinance will go to a referendum October 6th.

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when i was in EMT school i had to do my ride alongs at the fire station on Haulover Beach.. its was the worst wAY MORE GAYS AND OLD FARTS THEN HOT WOMEN!!!

Kind of an unwritten rule. If people are going to be able to take off their clothes, you probably don't want to look. If not, stripclubs wouldn't charge you $17 for a beer.

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Just wanted to make sure it wouldnt be all wrinkles and sags so you wont offend people with your shame.

I told you I look good in the nude. If I was all wrinkled and saggy, would I say that I look good in the nude?

My tan toned body matches the beauty of my penis.

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