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So...we're giving away draft picks??

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GB.gifPackers Offense-TM-PackersAug. 3 - 11:10 am et

As part of draft-day discussions, the Packers will keep their 2010 seventh-round pick that was supposed to go to the Jets when Brett Favre retired after one season in New York.

Explained GM Ted Thompson: "The Jets needed a little bit more flexibility in case they wanted to use some future picks to trade. So since that seventh rounder was sort of a throwaway on the (Favre trade), we agreed to change some language in the trade papers in return for the seventh-round pick."

Source: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

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I think it means there is a good chance that Farve will be a Viking sometime soon.

We wouldn't have gotton the 7th round pick if that happens, and now we are free from Goodell even considering taking three first rounders from us when/if it does.

That's how I read it.

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