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Possibly the worst call I have ever witnessed....


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Jeffrey Maier says hi.

What are you nuts? That was a great call. Richie Garcia was right there and made the right call immediately.

Plus there's no way that ball ever ends up in Tarasco's glove if he doesn't jump. If Maier wasn't there, worst case scenario for the Yankees is the ball hits the top of the wall and bounces about 15 feet in front of Tarasco and Jeter has a stand up double.

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I think we can all agree that outside the NE, no one else cares about the Red Sox and Yankees, contrary to public opinion. Just like no one cares about the Tigers outside Michigan and Northern Ohio.

Boston and the Yanks are the 2 of the heaviest bandwagon laden groups of fans on the planet, watching their fans argue is simply pure entertainment for 75% of America.

The Tigers might be good enough to get a bandwagon, someday.

You keep hoping.

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