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Happy Birthday Blackout


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happy happy blackout! :HappyB i looked for some news of the weird for you.. but this is all i could find! :P a fun idea! :lol:

Birthday boy in the dumps

Associated Press

LOS ANGELES - When 6-year-old Michael Wong-Sasso grows up, he wants to be a trash collector.

So naturally, he wanted to have his birthday party at the local dump.

About 40 children and their parents gathered Saturday at the Sunshine Canyon Landfill to celebrate Michael's seventh birthday.

"I like the big trucks," he said. "I like putting trash where it belongs. I like making the world cleaner."

For safety and sanitary reasons, the party was held in a small valley on the landfill's outskirts, away from bulldozers and strange smells. The partygoers were surrounded by scores of potted trees, which are used to landscape the landfill.

The children fashioned flour-dough animals with the help of recycled materials such as cardboard and colored paper and frolicked on a big pile of "clean" dirt, playing with toy backhoes and earthmovers.

"We don't know where this interest in trash came from," said Michael's mother Sophia Wong. "He's been this way since he was 2."

Having a party at a dump is "definitely different," said Scott Krause, who brought his 6-year-old son, Trevor.

"It's not like you're saying, `Oh no, not another birthday at the landfill,'" Krause said. "I mean, how many times can you go to Chuck E. Cheese's?"

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Happy Birthday!...have fun listening to that awful music of yours ;)

Theres some artists he'll talk about that I never heard of, but from a hip hop standpoint Blackouts choice of music is pretty damn good. - Thats only if your into hip hop though.

Happy Birthday man.

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this is not a dead rapper post, so please don't ban me Sperm


When Mary Anderson of Fort Bend County allegedly asked rapper Method Man for an autograph after a show last November at Houston's House of Blues, she claims she got a different kind of signature: A wound in the stomach from a pellet gun.

Anderson is suing Method Man, more formally known as Clifford Smith, in Harris County District Court for allegedly shooting at her six times with a pellet gun. According to the lawsuit, Anderson attended a rap concert where Method Man and Redman were performing.

Afterward, Anderson joined a group of fans outside, where Method Man was signing autographs out of the back window of a bus. When Anderson handed Method Man her ticket stub for him to sign, Method Man suddenly pulled out a pellet gun and began firing, hitting Anderson in the torso, according to the lawsuit.

Anderson's attorney, Daniel Horowitz, tells Hair Balls that Anderson suffered permanent scarring on her chest, stomach and breast area.

"You can't just go around the country shooting people like that," says Horowitz, "and then leave town and not think anything's going to happen."

Anderson claims she had to seek medical treatment for the wounds and is suing for assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Horowitz says Method Man has not yet been served.


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