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Crabtree's agent says he will RE-enter the draft unless...


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I'm not going to bash Crabtree's intelligence or ability.

BUT, it's near financial suicide to wait out a whole year and re-enter the draft. There is no guarantee he'll be a top 10 pick again. There will be other WRs in the draft that would go ahead of him.

Further, what guarantee does he have that he'll stay healthy this entire year out of football? He's walking away from $13.8 million guaranteed at least (based on Mayo's contract) THIS YEAR in the hopes of making a couple of extra million next year?

How does that make any sense? Take the $13.8 million guaranteed now on a 5 year deal and then get the huge contract later.

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Moreover, what if the Owners and Players Union hammer out a new CBA this coming off season with rookie contract limits?

Crabtree will have painted himself into a corner and thrown away the key.

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Is that even possible?

When a player gets drafted his rights belong to that team for an entire year. If he doesn't sign a contract by the start of the next draft he is eligible to be drafted by anyone. The only catch is he wouldn't be able to work out or meet with any teams besides the team that originally drafted him.

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