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SJ Reviews: 'Julie & Julia'..Light fun escapism with great food scenes (3)


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OK, this isn't Citizen Cane.

Its light, fun escapism that is probably only interesting to food nuts and older folks who grew up watching our parents 'Cook with Julia' on TV.

basic premise is actually cool in flick.

But it has Meryl Streep, Amy Adams, Stanley Tucci, Chris Messina. Streep as always steal the flick, and Tucci hits a homerun as the sophisticated 1950s 'Spy' husband of Julia.

The film is broken into two separate parts:

1 - 1949 through 1960s, France, Julia Child and her Foreign Service husband living in France. Here Julia is bored and at late 40s, picks up cooking for first time in life and the legend begins.

2- 2008 - NYC, Julie, a legal aide, who feels she has been a failure who always quits on her tasks, decides to give it one last try. She grasps at her love of cooking and decides to Blog that she will cook all (over 500) of Childs recipes form her famous cookbook in 1 year.

The film goes back and forth between time eras to show the parallels of each others lives, which were eerily similar.

Its cute, light and harmless fun, with tons of great great food scenes.

Bon Appetite.

3 stars_002.gif's

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