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D'Brick - One of the Worst LTs in the NFL Last Season

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So basically, what you're saying in comparison is that:

1) Many AFC running backs look awful compared to Jones

2) Others were injured

3) Still others were in a RBBC

So, let's look at these points.

One, many backs look awful compared to Jones? That is a plus for TJ obviously.

TJ 1, AFC 0

Two, others were injured. Again, a plus for TJ since he was solid all year.

TJ 2, AFC 0

Three, RBBC. So for just 1 roster spot and the price of one contract, Jones carried the rock as if he was 2 running backs. Once again, a plus for TJ.

Final Score: TJ 3, AFC 0

Also, I like how you say that he was second in carries as if that is a bad thing. Anyone that can carry the rock that often with quality is a good player to have, not bad.

Let's say that this year David Harris leads the AFC in tackles next year. Is it somehow a knock on him to say, "well, he was in on the 2nd most plays"? No, I don't think so.. not at all. You still have to have the talent to make the tackles, stay in shape, have the fortitude to stay healthy, etc.

1. He's better than Cedric Benson and Jamal Lewis. Let's throw a ****ing party! And Lewis pretty much did what Jones did the year before. If Cleveland's offensive line opens up gigantic holes for him to run through, who's to say he doesn't lead the AFC in rushing last year?

2. Durability is a good quality, but it doesn't make you a good running back. Jets fans have confused durability with greatness for a long time now. A great running back can either run people over or make people miss. An example of the first type of back would be Brandon Jacobs, who I don't think anyone would dispute (actually, I'm sure someone will) is a better back than Jones. An example of a back that possesses both of those qualities, but lacks the durability would be Adrian Peterson, the guy that's unanimously considered the best RB in football. I'm not knocking Jones for his durability. It's an admirable quality for a back to have. But, it does not make him elite, or even good. If your best quality as a player is merely that you "don't get hurt", then you're not that good a player.

3. That's not a plus for Jones. That's a minus for our idiot former head coach. It perfectly illustrates his inability to adjust to what the rest of the league is doing. THE RBBC system works. And we have a hell of a talented running back behind Jones. One that scored 6 TDs on his mere 76 carries. Oh, and the head coach of the guy that DID lead the AFC in carries (2 more than Jones)? Norv Turner.

Your tackles to carries comparison is ridiculous. It's not the same thing in the slightest. A tackle is an individual accomplishment done on the field. A carry is a coaches' decision.

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Does anyone know the last time the NFL didn't have 17 rushers hit 1,000 yards?

(17 out of 32 teams means that more than half of the teams in the league have a 1,000 yard rusher... I would imagine the other teams either rely heavily on a passing attack, or have a committee approach)

I only ask because the ESPN stat page only dates back to 2002, and I'm too lazy to really "dig".

My point is obvious though. :bag:

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Well pro-football focus is a good site for football analysis. I know the guys who run it and they know their ****, they literally do watch every player on every play. The guy who done the rankings for the Jets is a Ravens fan and he had Woody coming out BEST in the league out of all tackles with Brick coming 5th out of all tackles and 2nd among LT's.


Think of their rankings what you will but if Brick was as bad as people think, he simply wouldn't be that high. He was, along with the rest of our line, outstanding last season.

They've also got a page which breaks down the runs,We have a healthy 4.7 yard per carry of the LT,but we only had 28 runs off of LT,lowest on the team.


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