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Got hit by a car this morning


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My mom is in that club, too. At 79, she was crossing the street and someone hit her. She lost the lower part of her left leg. It was so smashed they had to amputate. At her age, the recovery was much longer than with a younger person. She's glad to be alive (us too) but she's never been the same in how she feels and what she can do because of the initial trauma and then the prosthesis later on. As you all know, life can change in the blink of an eye. So be safe everyone and watch out for the *******s. :)

i must admit i was the cause of myself getting hit, i ran across street

without looking both ways..

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was riding my bike down Leipziger Strasse in downtown Berlin on the way to work. Taxi driver was nice enough to open his door without so much as seeing whether anyone was coming in the bike lane next to him. Managed to get thrown off my bike, over his door and onto the ground. Luckily, I seem to be okay aside from a stiff back and a bruised hip. I was more thankful the macbook inside my backpack was okay.

Only thing more annoying than having to do police reports/talk to EMTs is trying to do it all in German.

Is this the taxi driver?


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