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observations from the game


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Sitting at the 50 yard line with my Sanchez Jersey on the home side of the field provided a lot of perspective.

1.) Baltimore is the real deal. There was no drop off from the team we saw last year.

2.) Sanchez is our starter - PERIOD. He wasn't fazed by the early jitters, pressure, or mistakes. He directed the offense as well as any quaterback could. His touchdown to Leon on third down was a brilliant play, and even moreso considering how loud the home crowd got and the adversity he faced early.

3.) As I ALWAYS say the past two years at Jets games - Leon Washington is THE BEST PLAYER ON THE FIELD. Granted Revis and Jenkins didn't play. But even when they do, nobody comes out to shine with the ball in their hands like Leon.

4.) Gholston is a rotting pile of dog excrement. I have never felt differently since he started playing for the jets. He has zero football instincts and cannot get off blocks. I don't want him to be called a 'project' or compared to Suggs anymore. He has NOTHING like suggs does.

5.) Baltimore has an awesome crowd. Nearly every person in the stands has a Jersey on and go crazy for their team. It is nothing like Jets games where people barely get excited for defensive stands on 3rd downs. Why can't we be more into our games like this?? I rooted for the jets and took the verbal abuse of the fans. Nevertheless, I made up a 'dirty' sanchez dance and taunted back, especially when clowney scored!!!

J E T S Jets Jets Jets!!!!!

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2.) Sanchez is our starter - PERIOD. He wasn't fazed by the early jitters, pressure, or mistakes.

What? He threw a pick six, nearly threw another pick six, took two delay of games, nearly fumbled... and this was all in just one half working with the #1 team... but because he eventually threw a TD pass that means he "wasn't fazed"?? WTF?!

Honestly, I'm not saying I expected more, but don't tell me he wasn't fazed. He looked like he wanted to run and hide under a table.

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