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Texas Rangers vs. New York Yankees @ Yankee Stadium Series Thread

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Is this a serious statement? Yeah. Let's pull the plug on a guy battling his way back from cancer and chemotherapy treatments and getting his strength back.

The two situations could not be further apart.

Joba is a very successful set up guy and I imagine would be a closer. As a starter he hasn't been as effective. When do you say when? No one has answered the question.

Joba was great as a reliever, but if that is so difficult then why is Hughes doing the same thing this year? Pitching the eighth might not be that hard. These guys are young and with a little luck can be anchoring the top of the rotation. Even without luck they'll probably end up with one solid starter our of it.

Makes sense to me (wasn't so hard was it other Yanks fans?). I think if the Sox were up 6 games and Joba threw the game he did tonight, he'd be under the microscope a little bit more. I think he's lucky the Yanks have the lead they do.

What's the plan for him in the playoffs?

I think that you are right about "the microscope", but that's the problem of the press and the fans. The team shouldn't bow to that pressure. They could and they certainly might, but if they do, that's a bad sign.

As for the playoffs, I thought he had been pitching fairly well, but it's no shock he'd get lit up after 10 days off. I think you cross that bridge when you get to it. Go with the hot hand(s).

If you ignore the red sock trolls they will go away. Don't respond to their low class insults and baiting. They'll eventually tire themselves out go get drunk, beat their wives and spend the night in jail. You knowBoston's second favorite sport behind football.

I think that is a Mets troll.

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