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French EMT Policy being blamed for Princess Di croaking


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When French rescue workers reached Diana she was still conscious but now critics charge the French EMTS blew their chance to save the beloved Brit.

When Princess Diana, 36, and her companion film exec Dodi Fayed were racing to escape paps in a Mercedes 600 at 85 MPH it smashed head-on into a concrete pillar in Place D'Alma underpass, "crumbling like an accordion."

Both were killed as well as the driver who was later found to be driving under the influence.

The Paris accident, which traumatized the world 12 years ago today, ended the short, controversial life of Princess Diana.

Yet critics charge that the French system of first response rescue may have actually killed Diana.

Diana was STILL conscious, uttering, "My God" and "Leave me alone" to the swarming paps as the EMTs arrived. Suffering from internal injuries, Diana didn't arrive at the hospital until a 110 minutes later as her last last tragic hours was spent in cardiac arrest as she bled to death in a mobile medical until parked a few hundred yards from Piti

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