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***The OFFICIAL Jets vs. Eagles Discussion Thread***


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Suspect the Iggles' 2nd team OL is really bad.

Side note-the NFLN feed is blacked out of Fios. We are being denied the brilliant insights of one Herman Edwards. It's like a comedy twinbill of Jerry Seinfeld and Sam Kinison in the next room and you aren't allowed in.

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You can say that about their whole lb core. None of them can cover.

that's a good point, but Pace really scares me outside in coverage, and maybe because it's because he plays OLB that I see QB's attack the flats and sidelines, but I feel as if Harris and Scott have better instincts in pass coverage...

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I think Wright will officially be off the team after that terrible drop, and also because Allison doubles as a Kick Returner.






Henry (Practice Squad)

Nah, Wright still makes it. Too valuable covering punts and kicks.

And I don't care if it was against 2nd teamers it was great to see something from Gholston.

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Oh god, that's right. I completely forgot about that. He really really is, no sarcasm. Sorry for my mental lapse

No problem. My point is that I doubt what he dos on offense will have too much of an impact on his status. Obviously a drop like that doesn't help but the fact of the matter is he'll rarely be in those situations anyways.

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