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JetNation posters watching games in Philly?


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I spoke briefly to your son about this... I went to Fox and Hound when my friend was living at Rittenhouse Square... Your son felt the place was a bit to commercial, which isn't wrong, but the food was solid in the world of bar food the beer was cold, and they had enough tvs that you could see your team no matter where you sat.

Pretty eclectic crowd as well.

But yes, it is a cookie-cutter sports bar.

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I will be in Philly for the 1st two Jets games.

Does any posters here watch the games at a bar/sports bar in downtown Philly? Center City/Historic District area preferred.


But I was wondering if any JN posters will be available to watch with as well..

bump..This sunday at 1PM,,anyone watching in a bar in Philly?

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