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Fast-food chain opens drive-through to bicyclists

Lil Bit Special

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If bikers are so concerned about their health (riding a bike) or the environment (fewer car fumes), then having a bike drive-thru is just ridiculous.

health - park the bike and walk inside - walking is good for you - sound like every place in Portland already has bike parking, so use it

environment - hey, guess what, sitting at the drive-thru on your bike means that all those cars/SUVs/pickup trucks/vans behind you are idling and putting more pollution in the air

I'm all for making things easier for people but this seems odd. I agree that drive-thrus are to keep non-car people safe from the cars. This could lead to all types of unsafe "vehicles" going through the drive-thru's:



kids' bikes (why should they be discriminated against if adult bikes can do it)

golf carts (forget it about it, afo)

sit-down lawn mowers (you laugh, but you never know, "hey bubba, i need me some mcnuggets with my bud")

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