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Kerry Rhodes on Twitter: MERGED


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It really is him. He's confirmed that it's his account.

Now, if someone hacks his account or his personal assistant is the one doing the tweeting we don't know.

But, make no mistake, that is the real Kerry Rhodes' twitter account.

yes it definitely is kerry's he has one of those tweet rings on left side,

how does he play ball with one of those on?

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my guess is leon extension.

Maybe. Good catch.

I hardly think that's a 'big announcement.'

I think that pretty exciting news for the team and for Leon. A big pay day is definitely an announcement. I'm sure Veterans like Kerry want to see guys like Leon get paid. They're teammates and probably have some type of off field relationship. Hence why he would be announcing something like this on tweeter, he's happy for his friend.

I just would find it hard to believe that Kerry would know about a trade. And if he did, I highly doubt he would hint toward it on tweeter.

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Me too. Doubt he would sound excited about Marshall because that would involve Harris leaving. Plus, I think we cut some of the guys behind Harris and Scott, and the dropoff in talent is really ugly.

When and where did the Broncos say they want Harris?

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Sorry 4 the hold up fans but this stuff sometime takes time but just stay tuned u will find out soon. Not trying to hold u guys in limbo ...

it's going to be about rhodes and some movie

I bet this has nothing to do with the team

maybe he coming out of closet with girlfriend irishjet

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Jet fans.

I could care less if Leon Washington gets a deal, and show should you.

No matter what he does/wants he's a Jet in 2009 and 2010.

IF this is about Leon signing a new deal, who gives a crap. About time. He should've excepted the deal offered a month ago.

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