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Good read on Ben Hartsock from Jets Website

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Hartsock's Been Around the Block Before

Published: 09-07-09

By Randy Lange

The Green & White phase of Ben Hartsock's NFL career began with a small miscommunication. The sixth-year tight end, who had just signed with the Jets last Wednesday, didn't think he was suiting up the next night for the final preseason game against Philadelphia. Then it was suggested he throw on the uni, minus the helmet, "just to look like a teammate."

Hartsock knew exactly how to do that.

"Really, I just tried to get in Mark's ear," he said about chatting up rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez on the sideline during the first half, "just try to talk through plays as they were going into the huddle. I know it's advantageous for him to explain it to someone, jut like I needed to hear it."

Hartsock (6'4", 270) could be Sanchez's new best friend. Jets head coach Rex Ryan had spent the summer trying to find that TE anchor for his running game, but on final cuts Saturday the team waived all three backups behind Dustin Keller (Jack Simmons, Kareem Brown and Kevin Brock). But no need to leave the end-of-the-line blocking up to tackle Wayne Hunter when a proven commodity such as Hartsock was available.

"We hadn

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