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Sorry, I just assumed that was part of the arrangement you had with Crusher... Rep for mouth.

I rep JiF outta love and because he's the best damn terribly under rated poster on this board.

I know you find it hard to believe and swallow for that matter, but your the only one I give rep to for oral pleasures. Now are secret is out you will be a mod by Monday. Congrats

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Hey dip****, I have never solicited rep.

In fact, I often point and make fun of those who do... ala Klecko.

So please, kindly, gfy.

Your buddies anger issues are rubbing off.. i think you both need to get laid more, maybe kleck needs to gain more weight.. I dunno.. something

btw.. You were better with Crusher.. He brought out all thats good and funny in teh Jif. Kleck brings out the angry doosh..

Like I'm serious about it asshead. :rolleyes:

this is a steaming pile of horse ****. you are a rep whore and most certainly check it multiple times per day

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