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****TITANS vs. STEELERS Official Game Thread****


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id....i actually like the steelers. about as much as you can like a team besides your team that is.

I like the Steelers as an organization and such. I just don't want to see them win another championship this year. I don't think they will, either, but an 0-1 start would help prevent that from happening.

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Im hoping for the upset, screw Pittsburgh.

I agree. Fxxx it, I'm rooting for the Titans. I think they're gonna win anyway and pull off the upset. Go Oilers!

Plus, the Steelers are one of my three least favorite teams. Pats, Steelers, Giants. I don't like the Titans very much but I'll take them over the Steelers.

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I think it's going to be a better game then most people realize. It seems like every "expert" is saying the Titans don't have a chance.

Titans take everyone by surprise tonight. They have a MAJOR chip on their shoulder, and still a pretty damn good football team going 13-3 with the best record in the NFL last year. They will win 17-14 or somewhere in that low-scoring neighborhood.

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