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..to get the blood flowing in here a little..


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You do realize the name of our team is the "jets" right?

Somehow i think a video sequence of a Continental flying bus just wouldn't have the same imagery and effect.

Or imagery of past great players with defunct airlines. Like Joe Willie pointing his finger to the sky then cutting to an Eastern Airlines plane. Then Wesley catching an 80-yard TD and then a grounded Pan Am fleet. And keep on like that.

Oh wait - I thought of some more. How about Pennington getting the snot pounded out of him or Chrebet getting a concussion and Vinny rupturing his Achilles tendon and then mix them in with black & white footage of failed innovations in aviation:


Yeah, that would have been cool. But our Air Force - yeah, quite the controversy. I'm sure a measurable percentage of Jets fans have it in for them. My ideas are better.

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