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TORRENT: NY Jets at Houston Texans 720P


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Heres the torrent:

Even though its 3+GB i got the file last night in about an hour and was getting well over 1000+KB download speed. :D


so you know I dont like directly posting the torrent cause TYT gets pissed when you do that. They want people to sign up and download it directly from their site.

You have to sign up for both Ten Yard and the Leech Tracker in order to download. You should still be able to sign up. Right now there are: Registered users 50,047...

There is also this torrent which is a lot smaller but less in quality (800MB):


NFL 2009 - Week 1 - September 13, 2009

New York Jets @ Houston Texans


Released by : david1023

Broadcast on : CBS

Included Files :




Total Size : 800MB



Length : 1h 53m

Video Codec : H.264 (AVC High Profile/Level 3)

Video Bitrate : 800 Kbps

Video Framerate: 29.97

Resolution : 640x352

Audio Codec : AAC-HE 44100Hz stereo 64Kbps

Cappers Comment: PS3 & XBOX 360 Compatible

Special thanks to all the hardcore Jets fans worldwide.

>>>USE VLC!<<<


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for some reason i cant download it

hmmmm...well i dont think anyone is seeding the 3GB version now that i check. Try the 800mb one. I bet thats what happened. Usually when a smaller download comes out people tend to just forget the bigger one. If you still want it I can seed it for you overnight.

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it's an invalid passkey

I have no idea what that means : [ I was seeding earlier. As far as the passkey you might have to either re-sign up for TYT or contact them to see. : [ I'll keep seeding it little by little. If i get a chance tomorrow i'll re-compress the vid and upload it to some download site...Sorry you guys havent been able to download it yet, but it is the begining of the season and im sure by Week 2 all the bugs will be hammered out. ;)

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