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This will be Bradys last game in giants stadium. He is undefeated so far


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Actually its 49-47-1

In favor of the Jets. According to Pro-football-reference.

It is 49-47-1 JETS in the Regular Season.

2-0 Patriots in the Postseason.

BTW, Jetkid is right. Tom Brady cannot cap off a perfect record. ;)

We're winning this game!

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I see what you did there. Because they lost the last time they were undefeated against a team from new york. I like it. I hope it's a beatdown and not just a win..I want an ass whoopin.

I think we would all LOVE to see something along the lines of a 49-0 or 49-7 type beat down, but that just isn't going to happen. Then again, nobody thought Buffalo would lose by 1 on MNF, so you never know I guess.

I think realistically we are going to win this game by a FG or a TD. Maybe by 10.

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