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Admit it.....you've bought in


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I'm not sure if I've completely bought into it all quite yet, but I have begun to smack talk some Patriots fans about this SUnday's game.

And Pats fans are posturing because we all saw the same no name Bills O-Line completely dominate the Patriots for a good chunk of that game. Games are won and lost in the trenches: advantage good guys.

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Tried not to do it to myself again

Told myself not to do it

Gave myself all the excuses

Told myself to give the kid a few years

Said it would take a few years for the team to gel

Listened to the coach, and his bravado

Then last sunday happened

And I'm right back where I am every year. Like a rabbit chasing the carrot. I'm knee deep in the Jets season again, praying this is the year.

Help me.

Go Jets

Now this

Get aboard, gonna be a fun year!!!!!!::GoJets:

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