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**JN Predict The Score - Week 2 vs. Patsies

The Gun Of Bavaria

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RULE CHANGE - My original scoring rules simply weren't realistic with the requirement of not allowing contestants to go over the total of either team. Therefore I changed it. Scoring is now determined by combined score differential between both teams.

Arsis is the week one winner with a scoring differential of 6. He submitted a score of Jets 23 - Texans 12. [Final Jets 24 - Texans 7] Therefore he was off by 1 point with the Jets and 5 5oints with the Texans for a total differential of 6.

JN Predict The Score Win Tracker:

Winner by Week:

1. Arsis

















My week 2 submission:

Patriots 27

Jets 10

Not even close.

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This current method would have the winner be the guy who predicted a 25-0 Patriots shutout of the Jets, purely by the over-under total.

Assmop's 24-17 prediction nailed the point spread, but predicted the over-under to be 41 (16 points higher than actual, kind of a big difference). On the other hand, Arsis was off by only 10 on the over-under, but was also off by 4 on the point spread.

I think the most important is the point spread (which also takes the game's actual winner into account). Then weighted slightly less should be the total points. So it should be the lowest combined number of:

1-Point Spread Differential weighed 60%

2-Over/Under Total Differential weighed 40%

Assmop would be 0 differential on the point spread x 60% = 0


16 differential on the over/under x 40% = 6.4

Total = 0 + 6.4 = 6.4

Arsis would be 4 differential on the point spread x 60% = 2.4


10 differential on the over/under x 40% = 4.0

Total = 2.4 + 4.0 = 6.4

This week should be a tie.

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