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SJ Reviews: 'The September Issue'..The REAL 'Devil Wears Prada' woman (3)


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September Issue is a Indie documentary about what goes on behind the scenes to bring Vogue's big Sept. fashion issue to life.

The film starts out in March and follows through until they 'go to press' for the big once a year main Fashion Issue. Vogue is teh standard bearer and the flick fowllows famed Editor Anna Wintour to see if she really is 'that bad' For those who dont know, Anna Wintour is who Meryl Streeps character in 'Deveil Wears Prada' was based on. She is tough and bull headed but not the complete ogre that Devil portayed.

I thought it was interesting but my wife (a ex-model) loved the flick, the clothes and the inside stuff. She said it brought back memoroes so I can assume the documentary was somewhat true to life.

We see the main creatove team for 6 months and fashion shoots all over the globe. For those who like documentaries this is a good film. For thise , mainly women, who are into Haute Couture, this is a cant miss.

3 stars_002.gif's

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