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After a 40 year reign the Seattle Seahawks have replaced the Miami Dolphins as the NFL team with the ugliest and geyest looking uniform. The new lime green jersey and set a new standard as the definition of UGLY!!!!!

The Lime Green is a good look for the Sounders FC, but not a football team!!!


TJ Whosyourmama modeling the new and very ugly uniform

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They look a lot like the MLS team they have in Seattle.

They are similar to the color of the Sounders FC. Its a good look for the Soccer, but not Football. I have become a fan of the Seattle Sounders FC. They have already built a strong local fanbase. With Drew Carey's hands on involvement, its always a good time. They actually have a marching band that leads a march from Pioneer Square to Qwest field before every match.

The soccer has more of a European feel to it at the stadium. I went to a few Metro Stars games when I lived back East, but they never generated the excitement that the Sounders do.

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