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The Amazing Race 16 Official Thread

The Gun Of Bavaria

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Anyone else a fan of The Amazing Race?

I've already figured out which couple I hate the most....that being the asshat trial lawyer, followed closely by the dooshey poker players.

Agreed. I can't take my eyes off that former Miss America. She's gorgeous. I hope we get to watch her for several more weeks.

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This guy is a trial lawyer and from Massachusetts.....I knew there was a reason I didn't like this guy.

Notice the lack of a sterum strap on either of these back packs ? The guys pack appears to be a top loader as well instead of the more practicle panel design. At least it has compression straps. Interesting...:-k

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The first few eps of AR are always all over the map (no pun intended).. Hard to follow with all 11 teams. First impression, I found the lesbians very annoying.

Agreed. The Lesbo team seems to be annoying and someone $hit stirrers.

Team South Carolina & Big Brother are beyond annoying, such as, The Iraq.

The team with the guy who claimed at the get go to be a problem, apparently is next week.

I liked the couple that got eliminated tonight. I like the cowboys and are indifferent to the rest.

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