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"The Big Easy, and I don't mean 'The Crusher'" Edition of POTW!


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Topic: Gholston: would you select him again at #6?

I would trade down a bunch of times and stockpile a million bajillion picks. Then I'd bemoan the fact that I'm such an uncreative loser I can't think of a better use for my time machine than to make the football team that I root for worse.

The Nomination: "This should be an easy winner." Klecko73isGod

Editor's Note: Clearly, I would buy a Sports Almanac.

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Topic: Clowney INACTIVE

This is weak on Ryans part IMO. Checking Twitter pages. I knew this twitter sh!t was the stupidist thing since Myspace and facebook.

I agree completely about team first, but Clowney, as well as others have "personal lives" in which they can do what they please...and money shouldnt, and in my case wouldnt dictate that. Im telling you, a few years from now you'll be sat down for telling your wife that you dont like the amount of time you're getting and you happen to leave your laptop open with your webcame on it and they'll just stream it and sit you because coach didnt like what you said. Yeah, you think thats a stretch now, but what goes on today with the net was a stretch 10 years ago.

We allow this and think its okay. Man how we continue to give ourselves away for money.

The Nomination: "Good to see a fan thinking about the overall effect of all this new form of communication. Very thoughtful post, people should really pay attention to this." kelticwizard

Editor's Note: I stand corrected. I guess one other person understood/agreed with this nonsense.

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Topic: "Titans Vs. Titans" Edition of POTW!

Not only that, but I'm pretty sure that you're never going to win. You just don't have the chops. Well, you have chops, but they're in your stomach.

The best part of POTW is imagining you clicking on the thread, beads of perspiration on your giant pimply forehead, hoping against hope that this is the week. Only to be let down again.

Keep trying, though.

The Nomination: "Has a post in the post of the week thread ever win the next post of the week award?" Bergenjet

Editor's Note: bilde?Site=C3&Date=20070307&Category=ENT0101&ArtNo=703070329&Ref=H3

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Topic: SI article, Mangini worst hire in 25yrs


Did you know that Kotite was 10-6 & 11-5 to start his HC career (back-to-back seasons)?

His Eagles started the 1994 season 7-2 before ending at 7-9. The Jets hired him right after. He went 3-13 with the Jets his 1st year, which Mangini will be lucky to get with the Browns.

In fact, Kotite's career HC record before he became Jets' HC was 36-28 (.562) and 1-1 in the playoffs.

Mangini's HC career record was 23-25 (.479) and 0-1 in the playoffs.

Kotite had a better career regular season and postseason record than Mangini when they got their second jobs.

Still say Kotite was worse???

The Nomination: "The level of pwnage in this post is reason alone." The Crusher

Editor's Note: Kotite/Mangini is like some a the tard fights that go on on this very board.

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Topic: SI article, Mangini worst hire in 25yrs

If you could combine Herm's strengths (Communication skills, motivational skills) with Mangini's strengths (X's and O's, general strategy) you'd have a pretty damn good coach.

If you combined their weaknesses, you'd have Rich Kotite.

The Nomination: "His Best Post Ever." Lil Bit Special

Editor's Note: The old, 'if you gave Chad Vinny's Arm, he'd be unstoppable' theory.

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Topic: SI article, Mangini worst hire in 25yrs

To be fair, Herm said he played to win the game, he didn't actually do it.

The Nomination: "2 straight good posts by kleck? Did someone hack into his account or does sh!tty coaches bring out the best in him???" Lil Bit Special

Editor's Note: Well done LBS, now we're going to have to hear another bitchfest about how he was nominated so many times and didn't win.

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Topic: SI article, Mangini worst hire in 25yrs

Yeah, but gonorrhea clears up a lot quicker.

I mean, I've heard that gonorrhea clears up a lot quicker.

The Nomination: "umm... does my antivirus program protect me..." Lil Bit Special

Editor's Note: At Rutgers University, the rates of infection of students with STD varied little with the form of contraception used. For example, 35 to 44% of the sexually active students were infected with one or more STDs whether they used no contraceptive, oral contraceptive, the diaphragm, or condoms. It is significant to note that condoms, the hero of the "safe sex" message, provided virtually no protection from STDs.

Not even the condoms are strong enough.......

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Topic: Does anyone know where I can get

one of many possibilities.. others i had quickly considered:

"a clue".. "a bro".. "my fat on".. "max's phone number".. "a moderator job".. "ribs at 5am".. "a russian mail order bride".. "a powerful deodorant to mask the smell of rotting meat"

The Nomination: "Oh man." PS17

Editor's Note: PS17 apparently pouring gasoline on the ongoing fire.

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Topic: Am I Alone In This Thinking? (8-1 or 9-0 going into Foxborough)

Im a victim of 40 years of Jets football and I read this post and want to go hide under my bed. Problem is I don't fit.

Oh yeah and Yes you are crazy but Im not sure that adds or takes away from your post.

The Nomination: "ROTFLMAO...oh sh!t" SoFlaJets

Editor's Note: This is the year*

*That our QB looks pretty good for 3 weeks and then plays like a Rookie Week 4 and we all get to worry about what comes next. Go Jets.

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Topic: The better Rookie: Mark Sanchez or Eli Manning?

I love Sanchez. I'm as excited about him as the next guy. He's playing better than I've ever seen a rookie QB play to this point in time. But it's really early, still. The fact that he's doing it against some good competition is encouraging. But in my eyes, that's only part of the picture.

If Sanchez is going to be the first ballot hall of famer that we're dreaming of here (and yes, I'm including myself in here), then he's going to have to take over the Meadowlands and have teams as frightened to face him here as Brett Favre was scary in Lambeau back in the day. The two wins he has here already are a good start, but I'm talking about winning here in December and January - when it really counts. Mark hasn't played in those kinds of conditions yet, and if all goes well he'll be baptized into them on the pro level with the games having serious implications.

And if I'm gonna be all honest and objective and stuff, then I'd have to say that the Titan game was not encouraging. A little cooler weather, a little bit of rain, and he was fumbling the ball, and it was coming out of his hand poorly on a couple throws. He did get it together in the end, and to his credit that's what matters most - but that was a very small taste of what he'll face here later in the year. He needs to not only overcome the weather, but master it. He needs to be able to win at home, and at places like Foxboro, Buffalo (yeah they suck today, but they are a division foe), Pittsburgh, etc., in the cold, freezing rain, and snow.

I'm still psyched about the kid, I'm just saying it's way too early to judge. Lets see what the weather brings.

The Nomination: "slats has the tendency to make a post I completely agree with. This is one of them. Spot on." Jetsfan80

Editor's Note: And after New Orleans... Oh boy.

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Topic: Upon further Review--Gholston Gets game Ball

This is what people are doing wrong:

Was he drafted number six? yes it happened so lets move on and hope he can become a factor for the team. Expectations have hampered most people's analysis of VG

Does he have a sack? No, but look at this team it's not about stats. You can't compute Scott's contribution or Revis'.

He is young and still learning. Just because some players are outstanding right out of college doesn't mean he won't later make an impression.

This is what people should be doing right:

Is he part of the best defense in football right now? Yes

Is he making terrible costly mistakes? No

Is he improving from last year and from week to week? Yes

Has he done some things well? Yes he has chased down players on costly plays, he takes up two linemen often which helps his teammates to get to the quaterback

The reality is that while he's not in the pro bowl he is making excellent strides and has been part of the most unexpected and impressive defense in the national football league. So give the guy a brake he can't help that he was drafted six or rarely used or taught anything from Mangenius; though that is probably a good thing. And let's enjoy what he has done as he grows up in this system. Ryan will make a player out of him.

The Nomination: "The most rational post on the Vernon Gholston topic eva!" JiF

Editor's Note: Is he good? No. Should we be nice to him anyway? Yes.

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Topic: Projecting the future of the 2009 NY Jets Roster

Sure Fire Hall of Fame Players

1) Darrelle Revis

2) Kris Jenkins

3) Mark Sanchez

4) David Harris

5) Leon Washington

6) Nick Mangold

7) Alan Faneca

8) Tony Richardson

9) Kerry Rhodes

10) Bart Scott

11) Dustin Keller

12) Calvin Pace

13) Jim Leonhard

14) Shaun Ellis

15) Jerricho Cotchery

Potential Hall of Fame Players

1) Bryan Thomas

2) David Clowney

3) Chansi Stuckey

4) DBrick

5) Damien Woody

6) Brandon Moore

7) Eric Smith

8) Donald Strickland

9) Lit Shepard

10) Jamaal Westerman

11) Sione Pouha

12) Marques Murrell

13) Marques Douglas

14) Eric Ainge

15) Wallace Wright

16) Ropati Pitoitua

17) Shonn Greene

18) Mike Devito

19) Ben Harstock

20) Howard Green

21) James Dearth

22) Jason Trusnick

Worst Players in the History of the NFL

1) Vernon Gholston

2) Dwight Lowery

3) Thomas Jones

4) Kellen Clemens

5) Brad Smith

6) Steve Weatherford

6) Jay Feely

7) Larry Izzo

8) James Ihedigbo

9) Wayne Hunter

7) Ryan Fowler

8) Robert Turner

9) Matt Slauson

10) Kevin O'Connell

11) Drew Coleman

12) Marquice Cole

13) Ahmad Carroll

The Nomination: "EY is a fruit." Arsis

Editor's Note: Words hurt Arsis.

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Topic: Reality Check: Jets--ESPN

Here's the problem with the logic you're using: pretty much anyone who has lost one of the first three games are considered to be "not anyone" now.

Would the list look more impressive if our 3 wins were against the Saints' stellar foes?

- Detroit in Stafford's first NFL start (as though Detroit needed any further handicaps with a defense full of has-been's and nobodies)

- Philly in Kolb's first NFL start, who at least kept it close in the first half.

- Buffalo with 3 rookie OLmen, a fourth with a bad back, and a starting LT that missed the game; already down 1 D starter (Posluszny) and then losing McKelvin, McGee, Whitner, and I think Scott in the game. Game was also close until the stupid number of injuries and inexperienced players proved too much to overcome.

How about Minnesota?

Beat up on doormats Cleveland, Detroit, and then needed a 40-yard miracle TD pass with 2 seconds on the clock to beat San Fran.

The Giants? Yeah, they're one of the league's top teams for sure, but look at their 3 wins. Two came against the pathetic Redskins and Bucs. The third required a total meltdown in the passing game (for both the QB and the receivers) to hold the Cowboys to only 31 points.

Baltimore eked out a win against the always underachieving Norv Turner Chargers, missing 2/3 of their starting D-line (Williams & Johnson), their starting center (Hardwick), and starting tailback (Tomlinson). Merriman also left in the beginning of the 2nd half as well. And still it was a 5-point game. They made Brodie Croyle look like Tom Brady II for a game despite having no support from the KC ground "attack" (and no Tony Gonzalez) as well, and the score was still tied with 3-4 minutes left to go. Against the Brodie Croyle Chiefs.

The Broncos? Lucky 80 yard play of the year against Cincy with under 30 seconds and 1 timeout left, to go with cake wins against the friggin' Browns and Raiders.

Let's look at how the 19*-1 Pats team started out of the gate. Who were the impressive teams they beat?

- Jets (1-3 to start the season, extended to 1-9, thanks only to a 3-point win against the 1-15 Dolphins)

- Chargers (1-3 start to the season)

- Buffalo (0-3 start to the season and a hell of a lot worse than the '09 Titans 0-3)

- Cincy (1-4 start to the season, the win coming in Flacco's first NFL game)

Seems to me they didn't play against anybody decent until week 5 vs Dallas. They won that one and deserve all credit, but it was a game they were losing at halftime.

So tell me. Who IS impressive this year with 3 impressive wins so far?

Just spread-'em, take it, and openly enjoy it.

The Nomination: "POW!!, Down goes PFSIKH!!!" Green DNA

Editor's Note: So... Nobody is good?

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Topic: how about they move Gholston to Guard?

Let's see what we know about Vernon: He is a super strong, great athlete with ZERO football skills. No pass rush moves except for the bullrush, which isn't working against NFL Tackles or TE's for that matter.

People on here love to say how he is great at occupying blockers. So let him use his great "occupying" skills to good use, somewhere they could actually be useful. The OL.

I'm serious. Before we give up on this obvious mistake and release him at the end of the season. He is just to good of an athlete to see if he can make it at another position. And since he is so stiff, the Oline is the only spot.

All he needs to do is put on about 30 lbs. What do you think?

The Nomination: "great post by me" O'brien2Toon

Editor's Note: You will never win when you nominate your own post.

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