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The 2009 JetNation Family Album

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Dear Joe,

I was the one that made the comment. Shocking, I know. ;) It really had nothing to do with V at all - she looked great - looks awesome in her new photo too. A hot chick who works like hell to make her body hot should show it off - just as her current avatar does. A straight boob shot is ...well, I 'dunno....I like the one she uses now better. It's her and her body of work (pun intended) instead of straight teet. That's all. Shoot me.

Straight abs okay. Straight boobs not.

It is a complicated rule book you play by Garbie.

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And he could pick all of you up from the same house... how convenient.

Forget the shoes... did that belt not come with instructions?

His real problem is Thor, but he has nightmares about facing Thor since their JN Tourney scrap a few years ago..  

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My beautiful wife hates sports. She likes going to Tigers games with me & my daughter, but all in all, she'd rather watch reruns of various cooking, fashion, and home improvement shows on TLC, HGTV, Bravo & Food Network.

Have you read any of your Tigers posts? It is obvious that you hate sports as well. :-P

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