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Bet your Mortgage on Cinn in Cleve


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Gals giving 5.5 is a lock

Players on Brownies know that 1 more klunker will ensure them

that mangina will be burnt toast next week

They hate him...the press hates him...soon the owner will hate him

We have a horse race....Zorn vs EM

step right up and place your bets

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Yes Afo I am liking that pick alot as one of my best bets (Coming this Friday) this week. Poss my lock but the last time I picked Cincy as a lock over the Browns the score was like 52-48 Cleveland.

But for some reason I don't see that happening - also Like Dallas over Denver and San Diego taking 6.5 -- Gmen over KC is inviting as Hell -- Tampa and Washington May end up 0-0

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