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Going to the Bruce show tonight


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not my favorite music.. but BOY does he put on a good show!

enjoy max

Over 3 hours tonight. Took my 14 year old and he didn't know too much of the music but he seemed to like it. Bruce is definitely entertaining. Good time.

Except the parking situation is just getting worse and worse.

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Wrecking Ball


Johnny 99

Atlantic City

Outlaw Pete

Hungry Heart

Working on a Dream

Thunder Road

Tenth Avenue Freeze-out



Born to Run

She's the One

Meeting Across the River


Waitin' on a Sunny Day

The Promised Land

Into the Fire

Lonesome Day

The Rising


No Surrender

* * *

Raise Your Hand

E Street Shuffle

Growin' Up

American Land

Dancing in the Dark

Hard Times


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So how was it, Max?

The show was great. Jimmy posted the set list and that link does have the video to wrecking ball the song he opened with.

Knowing he was doing the entire born to run album was cool. Kind of funny knowing what song was coming next. There isn't a bad song on that album so I felt lucky. Actually the only song he played that I don't much care for is Outlaw Pete.

But he touched on born in the USA with a few songs and The Rising was represented as well. That album was so powerful, I just love hearing it.

My 14 year old son was with me and he really enjoyed the show. Bruce has never forgotten how to have fun while performing. He is back to doing shows that are over 3 hours which is incredible. No encore, no breaks. Just a 3 plus hour jam session.

It was really a great night. I would love to go see him again later this week. But this week already had me at a Jets and Yankee game as well as the Bruce concert. Not sure what would break down first me or my wallet. :-P

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