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SJ Reviews: 'The Invention of Lying'..Misses mark (2)

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Great premise, great cast, but alas..this flick just falls flat to me and cant be considered in elite company.

The premise is funny. A alternate reality where there is no concept of lying. Everyone tells the truth no matter how mean or unfeeling. Enter a loser in Gervais who one day stumbles upon the ability to lie. It changes his life due ot fact that anything he says is taken as truth.

The cast, great: Ricky Gervais , Jennifer Garner , Jonah Hill , Louis C.K., Jeffrey Tambor , , Rob Lowe, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Tina Fey. But alas.

To me there were many muffled chuckles and somewhat funny lines. But I cant recall many, if any, gutbusters laugh out louders. It does have messages of what real love is blah blah, but that cant save it from its lackluster product. The pace was also slow IMHO and lacked any real punch.

Some laughs, great cast, not a total waste of time, but dont expect a killer comedy like some o the others this summer.

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