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****The Official New York Jets vs New Orleans Saints Gameday Thread****


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No you and others are runing it by arguuing about who is a "real" fan...


Good or bad I am simply observing what is happening... you have a stick up your ass for some reason and are taking out the JETS ****ty play on me...

Are you even watching the game?

u r just a terrible fan

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Even Rookies know you cant linger in your own endzone for that long.

And he was throwing the ball...

In the loudest Stadium in the league.

Haven't read further yet, but I guarantee there's already Shonn greene **** gobbling going on already.

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Keller needs to get the ball.

**** that both times Sanchez tried to get him so far were a disaster... they have him covered REALLY good... Stuckey needs to get open...

Sanchez is playing like a college kid again... lol

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