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Nugent cut from Bucks


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Didn't see this one coming.


A day after Bucs kicker Mike Nugent missed two field goals during a three-point loss to the Redskins, Nugent is now the former Bucs kicker.

Per Steve Duemig of WDAE in Tampa, the Buccaneers have cut Nugent.

It was obvious that coach Raheem Morris wasn't happy with Nugent based on comments from earlier in the day.

"Kickers are not my real expertise, but he missed them," Morris said, per Pewter Report. "The only thing that really matters about a kicker is the result. When you go out there you either make it or you miss it. If the operation looks good, the snaps looks good, the hold and we missed two field goals. It was a windy day. I'm not going to make excuses, and sit here and make excuses for anybody, but their kicker made kicks in the wind. Our kicker has to make kicks in the wind."

Two free agents will participate in a kick-off on Tuesday. The winner gets the job. (The loser gets a Water Pik.)

One of them won't be Matt Bryant. Bryant, per Duemig, is off to New York, where the Giants seem to be prepared at a minimum to take a shot across the bow at Lawrence Tynes, who has missed one field goal in each of the team's last three games.

Duemig says that the contests in Tampa will be Brad Coutu and Shane Andrus.

As a vested veteran, Nugent is entitled to take the balance of his base salary as termination pay. Per NFLPA records, Nugent's base salary is $2 million.

That's not a typo.

Two. Million. For a kicker no one wanted in free agency.

Mark Dominik, you seem like a nice guy. But we hope you're renting, not buying.

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you miss one kick and that is something..

you miss two kicks.. and well THAT is a doug brien.. hard to recover from that..

i am sure if the Nuge wants.. 124 will give him the warmth of a nice bear hug.. and sing Lionel Richie songs to him..


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man what a bad draft.

at least we got pouha and rhodes later on.

Yep. Bradway's drafts really did him in. Parcells & Bradway were 2 bad drafters and those 9 straight drafts (97-05) kept the Jets from getting over the hump.

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All that said . . . yes, coach. The kicker is the reason you have one of the worst teams in the league. And the only reason it's "one of the worst" and not "the worst" is that the Rams, Raiders and Chiefs are also historically awful. Seriously - last year's lions squad might have beaten some of these bottom feeders. Chiefs and Raiders are just lucky they play each other - I have no idea how Tampa or StL wins a game this season.

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