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The Irish and the Turdpaper


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Irish children told to bring loo roll to school to save costs

Children at an Irish primary school have been asked to bring their own lavatory roll in order to help save money.

Published: 7:00AM BST 07 Oct 2009


Pupils at a St John's girls' national school were asked to bring their own supplies of toilet roll

Photo: GETTY

Pupils at a St John's girls' national school, in Carrigaline, in the southern county of Cork, were asked to bring their own supplies in one of the starkest examples yet of the death of Ireland's "Celtic Tiger" economy.

Catherine O'Neill, the school's principal, said, in a letter to parents: "From time to time we will request your daughter to bring in a toilet roll to her class teacher. These rolls will be specifically for your daughter's class and will be dispensed by the class teacher."

She said the measure had been taken in order to save money in the face of education funding cuts.

"We are endeavouring to trim down expenses and ensure we use our grants towards [educational needs]," she wrote.

Irish parents are already struggling to buy schoolbooks and uniforms in the face of a deep recession.

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